Retirement Planning

Today’s Canadians are often enjoying long and active retirements. In addition to offering financial security, a good retirement plan should be diversified enough to protect against lower interest rates and market fluctuations and to give retirees independence and the ability to enjoy retirement to its fullest. We can assist you in building a well-rounded retirement package with a personalized combination of the following:

  • Retirement Income Projections
  • RRSPs
  • RRIFs (Registered Retirement Income Funds)
  • LIFs (Life Income Funds)
  • Annuities: Level and Indexed
  • Tax-favoured Investment Income
  • Flexible Income
  • Tax Prepayment
  • Estate Equalization

With proper planning, you can look forward to the following:

  • Security, protection and peace of mind
  • Protecting your income from inflation
  • Flexibility to adjust your level of income
  • Deferring taxes as long as possible
  • Guaranteeing lifetime income (for you and your spouse)
  • Leaving an estate to your heirs
  • Financial independence
  • Creditor protection

We would like to help you realize your dreams by working together to create a successful retirement plan.