Concepts and Strategies

Manulife Guaranteed Investment Funds
This is a unique variable investment product that participates in the growth of the markets but also has the ability to provide guarantees if the market does not perform. It also has the ability to provide a guaranteed income for life. There is much information here and many videos describing the three versions of this flexible, innovative product.   –  CLICK HERE

Pension Builder Plan
This is a product developed by Manulife that is a low-risk variable product that will provide a dependable income stream that you cannot outlive with your retirement savings. This product has guarantees during your accumulation phase or the payout phase of your retirement – Check it out! – CLICK HERE

Pension Builder Calculator
This site offers a calculator tool to help calculate what your guaranteed retirement income would be from the Manulife Pension Builder product.
To calculate  –  CLICK HERE

Product Allocation
A proper product allocation strategy – and not necessarily wealth – is the key to maximizing retirement income and helping to ensure it is sustainable for life. With Canadians facing many challenges as they transition into retirement, the traditional financial planning and investment strategies such as asset allocation play an important role in the wealth accumulation phase of investing, but they may not be good enough for those who require income especially during volatile market conditions.

Investors face risks that can be mitigated by the features and guarantees offered by a variety of income-generating investment products. Combing these products in the right mix can create a sound retirement plan. This mix of investment products is known as product allocation. Product allocation involves placing an investor’s assets in the right proportion into three distinct categories of products to ensure a sustainable retirement income and meet retirement goals. Email Bob McIntosh for More Information

Debt Management
Looking to improve your finances? I can refer you to a new and revolutionary way of banking and managing all of your debt. This product could save you a considerable amount of money and time in paying off your debts. – CLICK HERE

The Select Mortgage
This provides you with an integrated banking solution that combines a traditional amortizing mortgage with a high-interest, full-featured chequing account in one convenient product. For more information – CLICK HERE

Insure Right
There are five steps to help you determine the right life and living benefits insurance coverage for your specific needs:
Right Advisor, Right Type, Right Amount, Right Price, and Right Insurer.
To start the Insure Right Process – CLICK HERE